Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So many exciting things have arrived - the happy results of our buying trips !
In addition to artisan pieces from known and unknown hands, we have unpacked
treats from the usual and unusual suspects: Catherine Andre, Lilla P, 3 Dot,
Majestic, 360 Cashmere, Margaret O'Leary, Martine Boissy, Jeanette Farrier,
Petit Pois, Neesh, Injiri, Saint James, Amet and Ladou, Clemente, Pas de Calais,
Ryan Roberts, 49 Square Miles, Mikal Winn, Melissa Joy Manning, Loomlab,
Marimekko, Porto, Roberta Freymann, Biya, Highway, Barbara Wiggins, Isda,
Tracy Tanner, Johnny Was, Cut Loose, En Shallah, Wanderlust, Lena Skadegard,
Altru, Tatine, CP Shades, Charbonnel Chocolates, Michelle Pressler, Smartwool,
Hobo, Ozone, Avoca, Lubin Paris, Paste . . . and more to come.

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