Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well Worn

Kanthas are a type of quilt from India. Made from several layers of used fabric, the quilt is held together with running stitches from end to end, covering the entire width of the piece. They may be made of cotton or silk. The stitches may be fine or coarse, the colored threads creating a striped pattern and texture. As with other forms of folk craft and creative re-use, utilitarian textiles can become prized pieces of design and regional history. Not only items of beauty, and still of practical use, they serve as reminders of a different pace of life and the soft vanishing of women's necessary handcrafts throughout the world.

We have a nice collection of kanthas (because I can't stop myself). Scarf size, shawl size, throw size, bed size. Old, newish. A tumble of colors and patterns, perfectly imperfect. Expect patches, piecing, paisleys, soft geometrics, florals, and some really odd prints. The scarves are very soft and addictively wearable. The larger sizes add a warm handcrafted element to a home. The amazing thing is that they can be machine washed and dried.

Many of our cotton kanthas are from the lovely Jeanette Farrier. Jeanette lives in London and works in India, providing employment for women who create new kanthas of vintage fabric. She personally chooses the fabrics to be used for each quilt, and is largely responsible for their current recognition. They are sold throughout the world. 

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