Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to our new website!

This page, notes, is mostly for nattering about what's new in the shop.
But we would also like to take note of what's going on around us.

Are you having a show of your work ? Has your writing been published ? Your
photos ? Are you having a breakthrough in your research ? Is an event coming up that all of us should know about ? Have you designed a building ? A product ? Have you seen a dynamic building ? A garden ? Grown a vigorous plant ? Have you become involved with a non-profit ? Have you read an unforgettable book ? Seen an exceptional movie or play ? Are you in a movie or play ? A dance performance ? A concert ? Have you eaten a memorable meal ? Tried a great recipe ? Explored a wonderful shop ? Taken the trip of a lifetime ? Or discovered an unexpected pleasure right here at home ?

You get the drift. So share it please. Submit your information to our e-mail.
Our customers are interesting and interested. Sometimes we are the creators and sometimes we are the appreciators. And whether we are personally in high gear or 
a slump, we all like to know about things.

Thank you.
And thank you for finding our site.
It was designed by Alice Moore, and constructed by Shawn Wallace.


  1. congratulations on producing such a wonderful, inspiring website. for those of us unable to experience the simple pleasures magic at source we will now be able to devour at a distance.

    thank you,

    anne lindsay---scotland

  2. The new site looks amazing, ladies! Now everyone will know how wonderful you are - prepare to be even busier!